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Dr Sukhdeep Singh
Dr. Sukhdeep's Testimonials

Dear Sir,
Thankyou for your valuable consideration and advice, past 30 years i am trying for normalizing my mind, always saying to me that all things are normal and good but nothing, always all are goings to worse so i want medicine so i search for medicines, normaly no one want or interested to take any medicine that is the real fact humbily saying that i am not interested in medicines and other treatments but now i have a situvation that want some medicine or forigine help to control my mind in my maximum, i am tried for avoiding that but i am helpless in this matter it WAS essential, now after this medication feel some relaxation (that is even a small) valuable as GOLD

Thankyou Doctor Sukhdeep
Sree Jith, Kerela

Dear Dr Sukhdeep,
We are very pleased with the outcome of my wife's consultation with, and treatment. Her asthma is under control for the first time in so many years. Your Telemedicine service has worked well. We have received medication in a timely manner.

Thank you very much.
Dennis, U.K.

Dear Dr Sukhdeep,

I really appreciate the response speed and concern shown by your team regarding treatment of your patient. Wishing you all the success for increasing your telemedicine network.

Thanks & Regards,
Mr. SS, Bahrain

“Through seeing Sukhdeep, tremendous improvements have been made in terms of both my physical and emotional health. What makes Sukhdeep successful in treating the patient is his glorious ability to tune into empathy and intuition, enabling him to get to the core of the cause of the disease. What’s more, Sukhdeep has a very gentle and loving presence that really helps to make a client feel very comfortable with sharing deeply-held feelings that are necessary to get out. Sukhdeep has a wonderful ability in creating a strong synergy between the client and the patient, which deeply helps in making a proper diagnosis. Sukhdeep has a gift in many ways, which makes her an exceptional Homeopathic Doctor. I highly recommend him.”

(Treated for slip disk & was bed-ridden for two years)

I began my treatment with Dr Sukhdeep while on vacation in India. I returned home to Toronto, Canada where we continued our relationship using email. I suffer from osteoarthritis, particularly in the hip area. It is a very painful condition. Dr. Sukhdeep and I communicated regularly by email and he would send me various medicines via regular mail, depending on my condition and severity. At one point his treatment provided me with pain relief. Dr. Sukhdeep made it very easy for me to be treated even though his practice is half way around the world.

John (Canada) - Arthritis
Toronto, Ontario

“Before I decided to seek help from Dr. Sukhdeep, I was in dire straits. I had been struggling for years with chronic pain throughout my body, constant fatigue, headaches, PMS, depression, poor digestion, bloating and was in a general state of misery. With Dr. Sukhdeep's guidance, support, professional expertise, and insight, my health and my life have been transformed over the past year. His care has cleared out the toxic debris that was keeping health out of reach and allowed me make the necessary choices to renew, revitalize and regain a level of health that I had lost long ago. Thank you, Dr Sukhdeep, for all the progress we have made. I have never felt better.”

Jasanpreet, age 35, Singapore

Since 1999 I have been having skin problems - very dry skin which will start having small pimples and then the pimple will start having pus - mostly on both arms and on the back. It kept on getting worse. I consulted skin specialist and went to big hospitals in Indonesia and met experts in Canada & the USA but no one could figure out why. All of them gave me different medication and tons of injections. Nothing worked. In February 2006, I was visiting Delhi on business trip. During a breakfast meeting with one of my good friends, he noticed my arm and was very shocked to know that I could not get treatment for it anywhere. So he offered to help and called his doctors friend in Chandigarh on his cell and passed over the phone to me. To my surprise I was speaking with Dr. Sukhdeep who asked me around 13~16 questions, and after the brief QA period he told me that he knew exactly what I had. Within two days I received homeopathy pills from Chandigarh at the hotel He recommended that I take 6 pills in morning and 6 pills at night for a month. Since that day I have been improving. My back is nice and clean. My right arm is nice and clean and now my left arm is in the final stages to be clean. I don't know why but this homeopathy medication is working for me and has shown no side effects or what ever... Looking at the results, my wife (who is Indonesian) has started taking medication from Dr. Sukhdeep for low hemoglobin and she is starting to feeling better.


In four weeks, working with Dr. Sukhdeep by changing my diet and taking homeopathic dilutions, my arthritis pain was so diminished that I could walk more comfortably and the stiffness was almost gone. I had been diagnosed with arthritis 14 years ago. It was like a miracle.
Manjeet Singh, Mohali, INDIA.

I have been taking dilutions for several weeks. I have lost weight, my aches and pains are much less, and I feel young again,
thanks to Dr. Sukhdeep.
JP, U.K.

I have had asthma for many years. I have been on daily inhalers and breathing treatments, but they make me jittery. Dr. Sukhdeep has been treating me with a homeopathic asthma protocol for three weeks. When I came to see him, my lungs were unusually congested; I was wheezing and could not take a deep breath so he referred me to a pulmonologist. I did not go. At my follow up appointment with Dr. Sukhdeep, my lungs were clear, my breathing was back to normal and I felt great. I even cut down on using my inhalers from four times a day to twice a day. The protocol was easy to follow and I feel so much better.
Simran, New Zealand

I called Doctor Sukhdeep because I was experiencing fairly severe symptoms of what I thought was a bladder infection, waking in the middle of the night with severe pain and frequent urination. I was so glad I went to see Dr. Sukhdeep who dispensed a homeopathic remedy. My symptoms were gone in one day and within a few days my bladder infection was gone, as well. Doctor Sukhdeep gives me so much more than the time in his office. In the "off" time he is thinking about his patients, discussing his patients with his colleagues and attending seminars with his patients in mind. This level of care is one I have not experience with any other doctor.
Mrs. Balwinder kaur, Silver city, Zirakpur

For 7 years I had been suffering with progressively debilitating migraines. By the time I decided to visit Dr. Sukhdeep the migraines were occurring every two-three weeks and lasting over a two-day period during which I could do nothing but lie in a dark room. My goal when I visited Dr. Sukhdeep was to reduce the number of migraines I was experiencing so I could get my life back. Using a very thorough questioning process and using various homeopathic remedies, Dr. Sukhdeep identified what the trigger was for my migraines. He then determined the best method to balance my system to reduce the number of migraines that occurred. I have experienced “zero” migraines now for the last five months. I would definitely recommend Dr. Sukhdeep for anyone who is suffering from migraines.
Neelam, Punjab, India

My daughter was diagnosed as pre-diabetic two years ago when she was 11 years old. I had taken her to PGI and then Fortis Healthcare System for help in her excessive weight gain. The dietician at both facilities had us do a food log for a week. Neither could give us any help. My daughter was eating “healthy,” soy products, low fat, etc. They referred me to a pediatric endocrinologist. He indicated that my daughter was pre-diabetic (insulin level at 26) and in six months would be a full-blown diabetic (insulin level at 30 or greater) at which time she could be treated. I had overheard my mother talking to a friend of ours regarding her high blood pressure. She had said how this doctor had controlled her blood pressure by diet. I remembered this conversation and made the call to Dr. Sukhdeep .He spent a great deal of time with us, questioning us extensively, and we walked out of his office with a plan and a hope that my daughter could lower her insulin level. She started “the diet” and homeopathic remedies and we began to see an immediate change. The agonizing stomachaches disappeared as well as the sad mood swings. She began to loose weight and to feel healthy. Six months later, at her first blood work since seeing Dr. Sukhdeep, my daughter walked in 35 pounds lighter and her insulin level was down to a 4. She was no longer in the danger zone to become diabetic. My daughter, who is now 13, follows the program outlined by Dr. Sukhdeep maintaining her desired weight and an insulin level of 6. Dr. Sukhdeep recommended the “diet” when everyone else had accepted the fact that my daughter was inevitably going to be diabetic. Thank you, Dr. Sukhdeep from my daughter, who hates needles, and thanks to you will not have to use them.
Mrs. D.K. Sodhi, Chandigarh, India

One year ago I had periodontal surgery. My doctor and I chose to do my whole mouth at one time as my gums were in pretty bad condition. I was quite comfortable for a day and a half after the surgery. However, once all of the pain medication began to wear off, the pain I suffered was severe for 4-5 days. I kept a heating pad on my mouth constantly, took every pain reliever I was able to put my hands on...both prescribed and over the counter. Needless to say, when I was advised to have the same surgery done again four months ago, I was not excited. When sharing the upcoming surgery with Dr. Sukhdeep I, he asked me if I would be willing to take a homeopathic remedy for a week prior to the surgery. He was confident that it would help relieve the pain. I agreed, and took it as he directed. After the surgery, I waited and waited for the pain to begin. I had canceled all appointments for the next 3 days. It never came. I took one prescribed pain pill the first night "just in case." I never took another one. I really do attribute the ease of this recovery to the remarkable treatment Dr. Sukhdeep gave me!
Thank You, Dr. Sukhdeep.
Prem kumar; Panchkula, India

My two-year-old son had a bad cough, which made him loose his breath and vomit. I took my son to Dr. Sukhdeep and he gave me homeopathic pellets to give him. That night, he woke up coughing like he had for the past week. He was sitting up in his crib coughing very hard when I went into his room. I put the homeopathic remedy in his mouth. He immediately stopped coughing, laid down, and went back to sleep. He never even vomited. I just stood there staring at him. If I had not seen his rapid recovery with my own eyes, I never would have believed it. He has been fine ever since.
Mrs. Shushma, Chandigarh, India

"I have been seeing Sukhdeep as a homeopathic doctor for nearly 3 years. His direction has been an important part of my health care and I have been especially lucky to have his guidance to help keep me physically and emotionally balanced during my pregnancy. Sukhdeep has a kind, caring manner, a wonderful professionalism that allows him to be a successful homeopathic doctor."
Rajni, Zirakpur

"For years I had a hip that was so painful that I sometimes had difficulty walking - an operation was suggested. I also had severe digestion problems. Shortly after taking a homeopathic remedy, the pain in my hip was gone and has not returned. As well, I can now eat almost anything without experiencing stomach problems."
Ravinder Dhimaan, Punjab

"Homeopathy has helped me with my pimples, eczema and has changed my overall mood and ability to deal with life."
Tushar, Chandigarh

"Sukhdeep's gentle and caring ministrations coupled with the relief that the homeopathic remedies brought me eased not on the chronic pain in my body but also gave me the very strong sense that Sukhdeep cares deeply about his patients."
Sukhjeet, M P

"For 1 year I was on antibiotics with constant bladder infections, and after seeing Dr. Sukhdeep, I have no more bladder infections. He is great to talk to and cares."
Sohan Singh, Chandigarh

"Dr. Sukhdeep has helped me to shut off my mind at night, and with problems of work and life. My energy is getting better; He has also helped me to be calmer and has also helped me with my stomach pain. In all, Sukhdeep and his treatment has given me my life back.
DH, Bombay

“After Dr. Sukhdeep treated me with homeopathy, many changes started happening in my life. I have not had any episodes of insomnia, and the way I allow myself to be treated in social situations has improved as well. The most dramatic change surrounds infections. I have never been one who gets sick often, but once I was so sick it hurt to swallow. I could not lie on my back to go to sleep because it would make me cough badly. I took my remedy and within minutes my throat did not hurt, I stopped coughing, and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up without any pain or signs of infection! A sickness that was going to cause me to miss work and be laid up for the weekend was quenched with a single dose of my remedy. Thank you Dr. Sukhdeep: homeopathic treatment has made a vast improvement in my life and is something I will always have on hand.”

Mansi, Haryana, age 30

“I cannot say enough about how much Dr. Sukhdeep helped me in overcoming what I thought was a hopeless situation. I had been having severe testicular pain for nearly 8 months, and it only seemed to be getting worse. After several tedious and embarrassing visits to various medical doctors, without any results, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Sukhdeep. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Instead of countless hospital waiting rooms, and being forced to walk around in a gown that left my bottom hanging out, I found that I was actually being listened to and treated with dignity and respect! After patiently reviewing everything I had to say, Dr. Sukhdeep prescribed a series of homeopathic medicines over a period of about three months. These treatments were successful not only in addressing my specific problem, but also in helping me become more in tune with my entire body. Since then the pain that was making my life miserable has virtually disappeared. Thank you again for everything, Dr. Sukhdeep, most of all your compassion!”

Mohinder Singh, Chandigarh

“I highly recommend Dr. Sukhdeep as a homeopathic physician. He has helped facilitate my healing process in ways I thought previously impossible. The remedy she prescribed helped my formerly hypoactive thyroid regain proper functioning. Thanks Dr. Sukhdeep.”

Dr Sandhya, age 43, Zirakpur

“I’ve been looking for a homeopath who could also be my primary care physician for a long time. And now I’ve found her. Dr. Sukhdeep asks the right questions, listens to the answers, and his diagnostic abilities are spot on. In his practice, he creates a harmonious, positive atmosphere that is completely supportive.”

Nina, age 52, Punjab

“While under Dr. Sukhdeep’s care, I was more in tune with my body and better able to listen to and respect what my body needed. I was able to let go of some of my anger at my body for not always performing as I think it should. I felt as though I was able to finally just let myself be, content as I am, and thrive without pressuring myself with expectations that caused me to feel like a failure before I’d even tried. The end result of my treatment with Dr. Sukhdeep was that I felt better able to experience myself as a whole person. I no longer hesitated or resisted my impulse to take better care of myself and came to believe that I deserved more of my own energy output.”

Jessica, age 24

In just one month I had complete recovery of years of sinusitis and allergies! The results were quick and dramatic for me at the Lester Homeopathic Clinic. It all made perfect sense to me and my body responded very well to my remedy. I am most thankful.
Paramjeet Kaur, Punjab

I was depressed to the point that I couldn't tell when I got mono. My life was dreary and very boring. I just stayed at home and was unhappy. My parents took me to Dr. Lester. After finding the right remedy, within only 2 weeks of taking it, I woke up and felt different. Just overnight I became happy. The difference was like night and day. My life completely turned around. Now I'm someone with purpose in my life, I have lots of friends now and a full life and I love every moment of it. I have been doing great for 5 years now.
Thanks Dr. Sukhdeep!

Tania B.

The primary reason for me trying homeopathy was to gain relief from chronic lower back pain (herniated L-4 and L-5 discs) that I had suffered with for over 15 years. I had seen the best specialists and tried a number of treatments unsuccessfully. I was in a very high stress, high tech management position for over 27 years. I experienced a variety of other ailments during those years, but the back pain had become unbearable. I was a powder keg about to explode. It hardly seems possible that the severe back pain I had experienced for years could be remedied without surgery. Not only is my back pain gone but so are ALL the other health challenges I had for years. I do not really understand how classical homeopathy works completely, but I am a firm believer in the results. I have been pain free and symptom free for over four years now!
Mehar Chand, Punjab

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